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Little Rock is located on the banks of the Arkansas River and is home to a thriving "New South" culture that includes an emerging food scene. Dinner guests can make their own soup, while enjoying a variety of craft beer options from local breweries and craft cideries. The popularity of craft beer in Little Rock has soared with the recent opening of a craft brewery in the historic downtown area of the city and the opening of two new craft breweries in the downtown area.

You can enjoy a socially-distanced trick - or treat - while making your own pumpkin pie, chocolate chip cookie dough and more! In the Innovation Hub you can learn how to build your own, high-tech, cost-effective, energy-efficient home.

Visitors can explore the village on their own or take part in a half-hour guided tour. Tours can be booked through Viator, a school operated by the North Little Rock School District and the Arkansas Department of Education. For more information about the school's activities and tours, please visit Viators by clicking here.

You could argue that 2020 is going to be a ghost year, but let's focus on October, shall we? So grab your masks and costumes and get ready for spooky, safe fun this spooky month. They will line up, give out candy and hand it out on Halloween, and you will be queuing in the parking lot of the North Little Rock Police Department.

The architecture of the Greek Reconstruction - style - can be admired and admired by visitors and present their favorite works of art and architecture from past and present.

The park itself is adorned with trees, branches and winding bridges that connect the mill with the rest of the park. The impressive Gate Garden is located in the heart of North Little Rock, just blocks from downtown. Named after Lee Seung-jin, the grandfather of martial arts around the world, the gate is painted in traditional Korean colours, while behind it is a tranquil, tranquil garden that offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city's streets. A reflecting pool dominates the garden in the middle, while a bust of the eternal Grand Master Lee appears on the front wall of black granite.

Since 1947, the building has been home to the Arkansas Historical Society, a museum dedicated to preserving, sharing and celebrating the history of Arkansas and its people.

It displays works of art ranging from the 14th century to the present day, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, ceramics and other works by artists from all over the country. Each of these projects represents a different aspect of Arkansas history and culture, exploring themes such as beauty, nature, and human conditions.

When visiting downtown Little Rock, take time to sit on a bench in the background and reflect on the welcoming surroundings of the Bernice Garden. Tickets cost $40 per person and include entrance to the stadium and beer. The tour lasts about 30 minutes and ends in the gift shop where you can pick up local products to take away. After visiting the site, you will come for a free beer and the opportunity to meet and greet the brewers who are waiting patiently for you.

Play bingo and cheesy B-movie clichés to win a free cinema ticket once the cinema reopens. In the pavilion of the river market, visitors will experience handicraft and musical performances. The Museum of Discovery offers a variety of activities that make their witch breweries, including a live music performance by the Little Rock Symphony Orchestra.

There is also a bar area serving classic cocktails with crushed and shaved ice, as well as a selection of craft beers and wines. Southern Maine is a fun and safe way to trick - or treat, so bring the kids along and dress them up in their favorite Halloween costume. America has done a great job of finding places to go for fusion experiences, and like food, the entertainment is sourced from the region. Otherwise, it's a place to do business, grab a bite to eat, or just meet friends and listen to live music.

You will have fun with the autumn activities for the whole family with materials you can find around the house, as well as with the activities on the theme of autumn - art - crafts. There will be free, socially-distanced performances, with live music by local artists and a variety of local musicians. Sign up for an interactive scavenger hunt and explore the city with your smartphone for various tasks, including a clue-based adventure. The game is designed to guide players to the main attractions of the city and then back to their starting point.

People browse a market selling everything from farm produce to antiques, attend concerts, discuss new art installations and browse through various craft markets. Consider all kinds of materials that form the basis of your own art - paper, wood, paper clips, plastic, glass, etc.

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More About North Little Rock